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Shop shell jackets online for men and women

Are you looking for a shell jacket that protects you from wind, moisture and moisture? Here you will find shell jackets for men and women. The jacket is for use all year round and is suitable for varying weather and climate. It is difficult to imagine a better and more practical outerwear than shell jackets. It is simply the ultimate outerwear for long walks in cooler autumn weather as well as hiking weekends in the summer or for skiing in the Alps in the winter. It is a versatile alternative that has a wide range of uses. Shell jackets for men and women are available in different variants, there are both lined or unlined, waterproof or water-repellent and regular fit or relaxed fit. Choose a jacket with a cool color that enhances the adventure or a neutral jacket in black or why not in a lovely blue color that you can match most things with. A shell jacket is a good investment and you will benefit from the jacket all year round and for several years to come. The advantage of the shell jacket is that you can work with the layer-on-layer principle. It is easy to adjust what you should wear under the jacket and adjust the heat according to the weather conditions. When it's cold outside, you can put on a fleece sweater or an underwear under the jacket that keeps you warm. If you get too hot, take off a layer. In this way, you can control how hot and cold you want to feel and adapt your mobility to the activity you perform.

Benefits of shell jackets

• Protects against wind and water

• Durable outerwear

• Wide range of applications

• Light weight and easy to unpack

• Breathable material

• The 3-layer principle