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Layering guide

How to dress in layers - tips to stay warm in all weather conditions

Layer 1 - base layer

The garment you wear closest to your body, such as base layer, underwear or socks.

Layer 2 - mid layer

Insulated garments that you wear between layer 1 and layer 2.

Layer 3 - shell layer

Protects you from wind, rain and snow while evaporating moisture from the subjacent layers.

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Dress in layers on your winter-adventures!

Whether you're climbing mountains, wrestling bears or walks the dog, we have the perfect clothes for your adventures! Learn how to stay warm with these simple tricks!


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Layer 1 - base layer

– The garment you wear closest to your body, such as base layers, underwear or socks. When it comes to base layers, it's primary job is to help wick moisture away and keep you warm regardless on what temperature you are in.

Think of: 
icon-checkmark.svg The garment fit should be snug without being to tight
icon-checkmark.svg The garment's moisture-transporting ability
icon-checkmark.svg In colder weather, choose our warmest base layer - HiBall Waffle Baselayer
icon-checkmark.svg In warmer weather, bamboo, wool or synthetic material are preferable.

icon-checkmark.svg Cotton, as the material absorbs moisture and heats extremely poorly when it gets damp.

We recommend

Base layers

Warm temeratur-varm.svg

Suits you who: wants a cool, lighter underwear

Bambooskin™ is a durable year-round underwear from RVRC® in a super comfortable bamboo / spandex blend. Bamboo is naturally odorless. Airy and light, really comfortable against the body.

Warmer temeratur-varmare.svg

Suits you who: are highly active and needs a year-round long underwear that transports moisture well.

Fuse Merino Base Layer is a super comfortable base layer in 2 parts with a hood. The soft Merino wool mix is super stretchy, fast drying and moisture wicking, perfect for chilly days in the mountains.

Sneaky Balaclava is a versatile base layer with a built in balaclava. The balaclava can be used in many different ways

Warmest temeratur-varmast.svg

Suits you who: need a warmer base layer for cooler days.

Hiball Waffle Baselayer - The waffle pattern on the inside forms small air pockets that retain air for excellent insulation, making it one of our warmest base layers.

Top picks base layers

Layer 2 - mid layer

– Layer 2 is worn between the inner layer and the protective shell layer. The perfect mid layer transports the moisture further away from layer 1 while keeping the body heat so you wont get cold.

Think of:
icon-checkmark.svg The insulation of the mid layer comes from the air that the material contains.
icon-checkmark.svg In cold weather - use double mid layers.
icon-checkmark.svg In warmer weather - use a thinner mid layer.
icon-checkmark.svg Can be used as a lighter jacket.
icon-checkmark.svg Adjust layer 2 according to temperature and activity.
icon-checkmark.svg Both synthetic and wool materials are suitable in a mid layer.

Tip! Down heats extremely poorly when it gets wet and takes a long time to dry. Therefore, have a rain jacket ready to put over the down jacket on rainy days.

We recommend

Sweaters, fleece, hoodies & down jackets

Warm temeratur-varm.svg

Suits you who: is active and wants lighter layers for your adventures, which also are easy to pack.

Trekker Fleece with half zipper is a versatile fleece that is suitable for all adventures. It is light and easy to pack and warms well in colder weather. Insulates well against cold despite its low weight.

Illusion Hoodie is a sturdy and durable fleece in Hypershell® Prostretch ™ with a fantastic fit. This fleece is suitable for demanding outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking and outdoor life.

Warmer temeratur-varmare.svg

Suits you who: needs a little extra warmth with high comfort.

Tornado Hoodie is a durable knitted fleece and softshell combination and offers both comfort and warmth.

Sherpa Hoodie is an extremely comfortable and durable all-round hoodie with an extra large hood and a practical chest pocket with zipper closing. The sweater is made of a brushed functional material with a wool feel that both warms and transports moisture.

Warmest temeratur-varmast.svg

Suits you who: is frozen and needs extra warmth during your adventures.

The Helium Puffy Jacket is super light and compressible, perfect as a standalone jacket or as a warming midlayer during the cold season. The outer shell has a PFC-free DWR to repel moisture. You will not find a more comfortable and versatile jacket.

Top picks mid layer

Layer 3 - shell layer

– Clothes that protect you from wind, rain and other outer elements, while retaining heat from the inner layers.

Think of:
icon-checkmark.svg Buy a size too big so you can fit all the layers underneath.
icon-checkmark.svg Ventilation zippers release excess heat and moisture from the body.

Tip! A hood is valuable when the rain and the wind are whipping.

We recommend

Shell jackets & shell trousers

Light water-repellent 

Suits you who: needs a durable all-round garment with extra storage wich protecting you from light rain.

RVRC GP Pro Jacket 2.0 - The hood, shoulders, sleeves and elbows are made of water repellent, fast-drying Hypershell® Reinforced™ material, with the remaining areas in four-way stretch fabric for optimal flexibility.

The Wander Pro Jacket is the perfect hybrid hiking jacket. With reinforcements, overexposed parts and 4-way stretch panels the Wander jacket is both durable and flexible. The versatile design allows for long hikes in diverse terrain. It features 2 hand pockets, 2 extra long chest pockets and a zippered pocket on the sleeve. The jacket is pre-waxed for water repellency. 

Water repellent 

Suitable for: highly active activities that require good ventilation and water repellency - can withstand heavier rain.

Hiball Jacket & Trousers is made by HyperShell®. It is a softshell with extremely good breathability and really good water repellency. The entire set in 4-way stretch with a thin fleece lining. HiBall has the perfect balance between ventilation and water repellency.

Silence Proshell Jacket & Trousers is a waterproof fully seam taped set with 4-way stretch. The taped seams together with a Hypershell® Pro membrane makes the set waterproof. The membrane in 4-way stretch it’s both quiet and smooth.


Suits you who: need a completely waterproof jacket or trouser with good ventilating properties. Withstands heavy persistent rain.

Typhoon Jacket & Trousers Packable, lightweight and easy to drag over your clothes on rainy days. The minimalist design does not compromise on features such as full side zippers on the trousers and ventilation zippers under the arms on the jacket. This fully waterproof and breathable set is perfect to bring everywhere as it easily stows in its own pocket!

Cyclone Rescue Jacket & Trousers are waterproof, windproof and ventilate extremely well. Cyclone Set is part of the Rescue® series and is equipped with a RECCO® reflector

Top picks shell layers

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