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Meet Mark "Billy" Billingham MBE

Former SAS Commander - Mark "Billy" Billingham presents the most important things to look for when choosing outdoor gear. 

Billy's Favourites


During his 27 years in the British military Special Forces, Billy worked a lot outdoors, especially in mountainous terrain. A job that meant that he had to be able to rely on his equipment in all situations.

Today, Billy still works a lot out in the elements; the forest and the mountains are his daily companions. For him, the most important thing is that his clothes are durable, practical and that they keep him warm and dry.


Billy's tips for warm, durable and waterproof clothes from RevolutionRace

Hiball Jacket 

HiBall is suitable for att activities with high demands on breathability and it will keep you warm.


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RVRC GP Pro Pants  

Best in durability with reinforcements on the knees, seat and lower legs. Designed for multifunctionality, 


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Cyclone Jacket 

With fully taped seams, the Cyclone Jacket is the ultimate barrier between you and the elements. Designed for extreme weather conditions.


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It is important to be able to trust your equipment when you are in the outdoors.

RevolutionRace offers several different jackets that work in different weather conditions for both the expert and the everyday hiker.

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"RevolutionRace offers great equipment that is, durable, practical and within a good price range"

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