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Looking for gift ideas for your loved ones, or even yourself?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Find the perfect gift idea for your mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else who you think deserves something a little extra!

Gift ideas for the camper

Whether you are camping or glamping, we have the gear you would want to bring on your next trip!

For the camper

Gift ideas for the climber

Gear that will help carry the climber up that mountain without having to compromise on quality!

For the climber

Gift ideas for the skier

The cold and snow doesn't have a chance when the skier is wearing the correct gear!

For the skier

Who doesn’t like soft gifts?

Gift ideas for him

Perhaps your boyfriend is in the search of a new jacket for an upcoming adventure? Is dad in need of a pair of multifunctional trousers for long walks in the forest? Or maybe you have a brother, father-in-law, friend or son who would like some new gloves or a warm hat? Look to further - we have gift ideas for all the men in your life!

For him

Gift ideas for her

Is your girlfriend searching for a pair of multifunctional and shaping outdoor jeans or leggings? Does mum need some comfy trousers for everyday activities or downtime in the nature? Or do you have a friend, sister, daughter or mother-in-law who is in need of a new set of woollen socks? See here for gift ideas for all the women in your life!

For her

Looking for gift ideas and don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In our Gift Guide you’ll find tons of inspiration on what to gift the people you think deserve that something extra. Of course we offer gear for every type of outdoor activity, whether it's walking the dog, hiking, mountain climbing or canoeing. Our gear also works great for hanging out in the garage or being hunched over bushes and shrubs in the garden! And after being outside an entire day? Just snuggle up in a cozy set, some woollen socks and a hot cup of cocoa. We have something for everyone, in our gift shop!

Gift ideas for outdoor lovers?

If you, or your loved one, is someone who loves being out in the nature as much we do, then they will love absolutely anything you gift them that is related to the outdoors! How about some durable and multifunctional trousers that will carry them up that mountain or over that stream without having to compromise on quality? Or maybe a wind- and waterproof jacket for adventures or everyday life? Walking the dog in gear made for the outdoors makes the walk more fun, and going on a sleigh ride in the right clothing with the kids will help in creating memories for the rest of your lives. And last but not least, accessories are also a hot pick!

Be prepared before buying your gifts! 

Our best tips for a carefree gift shopping experience is getting your gifts early and being well prepared. For example, find out what the perfect size is before buying with the help of our size guide! Of course we offer free shipping and free returns in 90 days, but by shopping the right size the first time it keeps the period after getting the gift hassle free for your loved one so that they can spend time actually using the gift instead of running back and forth to the postal office!