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Christina Fjaere
x RevolutionRace


Christina Fjaere
x RevolutionRace


Find your balance in nature with Christina Fjaere

In a busy everyday life, finding balance is key. Together with the Norwegian fitness profile Christina Fjaere, we’re encouraging you guys to explore the different parts of nature in order to find the perfect balance between challenging yourself and recharging your batteries. Let’s get inspired to find our own balance. In nature, of course. ⚖️🌲

Christina’s favourites

Piggyback (kopia).jpg

An experience for life

”Wow, what an adventure! This 11 hour hike through Håøya gave me both challenging uphill paths and amazing views. When I reached the top after a mountain climb that was harder than expected, and got to enjoy the beautiful views and a hot cup of cocoa, I really felt a sense of accomplishment. The hike was definitely tough, but you know what? By embracing the adventure, I had the best time and created such amazing memories.”


Make sure to stay dry

Don’t let any rain destroy your magical experience. Make sure to stay dry during the whole hike by wearing the right waterproof yet breathable clothes.


Waterproof jackets

Choose the right trousers

Get a pair of trousers that can help you reach the top! Christina's favourite hiking trousers are Gpx Pro trousers - which ones are yours?


Hiking trousers

Don’t forget the midlayer

With a fleece you’ll stay warm and comfortable during the whole adventure. Christina is in love with our Tornado Hoodie - maybe you’ll be too!


Check them out

”The last couple of years I’ve challenged myself with trying out several new outdoor activities. It’s always a bit scary at first, but you feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you just do it! 

There are so many cool activities that allow us to enjoy the beautiful outdoors at the same time as we’re keeping active and healthy.”


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