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Our Business Model

We don’t care for middlemen.

Our business model is really pretty simple. We only sell our outdoor clothes online, directly to our customers. By cutting out agents and retailers from the mix, we can get new products to market faster. While other brands typically need a year for new product development, it only takes us six months. A faster, slimmer process without middlemen means that we can offer high-quality clothes with a reasonable price tag. 

We keep tight control over our entire supply chain, from the designs that we create at our Swedish headquarters and the technical materials that we develop ourselves, to the hand-picked factories that manufacture the clothes according to our detailed specifications. 

Whereas most outdoor brands switch out almost their entire product line each year, most of ours remains the same all year round. We’d rather tweak the products that our customers already know and love, than replace them with something else just to follow a fad. Speaking of our customers – did you know that our engaged online community is actively involved in our product development? By sharing honest reviews and commenting in our social media, you too can have a say when we decide on new colors or upgrades. 

Together we make our products even better, so that you can get outside and play.