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What’s the status of my return?

Unfortunately, we have some delays in the return department right now. The processing time is estimated to be upon a week after we have received the package.

If you don’t want to / have the opportunity to wait for the return process, we can register your return in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot send any exchange to you without registering a return first, but we can refund you. If so, we would need the following information from you:

1.   A receipt or a consignment number to track your parcel, as a proof of submission of the return.

2.   Information about which products you have returned in the package.

We will register a refund and you will get the money back to the same account. If you haven’t already paid your invoice, it will instead be canceled / updated.


If you’d want a replacement item on your order, you can place a new order via the website on the item you want instead.

If you have a discount on your previous order, you can return with the order number to your new order and we’ll add the discount retroactively.