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How do I return an item?


1. Fill out the return form and the commercial invoices that were enclosed with your order. Don’t forget to fill out the reason why you want to return the product, using one of the codes, on the return form itself.


2. Place the product that you want to return in a bag together with the form,  and place the pre-paid return label and one commercial invoice on the package, hand over the other two to the service point/UPS agent. If you’re using the bag that the products came in, place the return label over the original shipping label.


3. Hand over the package to UPS, they handle our returns through their network of service points.


4. If you’ve chosen to pay through invoice, contact Klarna to pause your payment. If you’ve chosen a different payment method, your refund will be issued automatically once your return has been approved, typically within five business days.

Note: Since January 1st a commercial invoice is required for all packages being returned from the UK and must be handed over to the carrier along with your return parcel; three copies should be included among the return documents enclosed in the parcel you received. If that is not the case, please contact our customer service team

Please fill out all the fields on your commercial invoice and make sure to sign it as well. Total amount of return = the total value of the returned items

The commercial invoice and the prepaid UPS label go on the outside of your return package, give the other copies of the commercial invoice to the shopkeeper / UPS driver directly.

We only approve returns of clothes that come back to us in their original condition. If you’ve used, washed or removed the tags from the clothes we won’t be able to resell them to another outdoor adventurer and can’t approve your return. Unfortunately, we have to charge a fee of £13 for unapproved returns to cover our losses. You must use our pre-paid return label to get free shipping. If you’ve lost your return form or label, please contact our customer service team.