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Below we illustrate the difference between us and other brands. Thanks to the Internet and Social media we can take control of the production chain and skip retailers and therefore offer the customer a better price, higher quality and faster lead times. This has helped us become Facebook success story 2016 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 in Borås, Sweden!

The idea for RevolutionRace and Fritidsfabriken was born on a hike to Everest Base Camp in Nepal a couple of years ago. Pernilla, co founder of Fritidsfabriken, had trouble finding clothes for the trek with a perfect fit. The garments she found wasn’t up to her expectations, being too expensive and the fit being far from what she was after. The cheaper brands were even worse, not able to impress her with neither function, design nor fit. She thought that someone should go about and address these issues, offering an outdoor brand who made functional clothing with a great fit at affordable prices. That "someone" eventually became ourselves...

Looking back now, several years later, with the passionate traveller Niclas by the side, we have made this grand idea a reality. Both of us, Pernilla and Niclas, are hardcore travellers and have visitited all corners of the world. Travelling as often as we possibly can, we’ve been to places from the Amazon jungle, to hiking in the Swedish mountains as well as rock climbing in Thailand.

We do everything in our power to make our outdoor clothes stand the test against the best outdoor garments available on the market.

Why do we exist?

We are the hikers who solved a problem in an excessively over-priced industry, who knows it is possible to manufacture super stylish outdoor clothes with really good fit made with the best materials at an affordable price. Our primary goal is to have our customers more happy with our products than with a similar product double the price from another brand. We´re not satisfied until our customers are! We work with the very best materials available and continually develop new fabrics, materials and membranes to make our garments as perfect as possible. We test our products thoroughly in the the Swedish wilderness with its diverse climate and seasons, as well as in exotic countries with more extreme weather conditions. We sent back samples for a pair of outdoor pants ten times because we were not satisfied with the strength of the thread. We had to develop our own superstrong RevolutionRace thread, wich now is used in all our outdoor pants. We sew all pants with double-stitching throughout the trousers, triple seams in the crotch area. We guarantee that they will last a long time!

To further assure we’re producing the highest-quality products possible, we regularly visit our factories in Vietnam to test the garments still in production. Many brands use standard tests which doesn´t reflect real outdoor use. The tests in the clothing industry is in many cases inadequate, we have developed our own testing methods where we test the garments in the way they wear in reality, not in an laboratory test environment. We hate it when garments break, we choose extra-durable zippers and high quality materials in all our RevolutionRace garments.

Our Clothes

We make multi-functional garments, well-fitting, functional and made from just the right materials; hybrid clothing which combines durable fabrics with flexible stretch material for optimal function and fit. Water repellent fabrics with a comfortable feel against the skin. Strategically placed ventilation panels and ventilation zippers, important for the garment to function during activities with varying intensity.

In our Pro model pants we have choosen the best materials, zippers from YKK and extra strong thread in all main seams. They will manage all strain from mountaineering to weeklong treks in really hard conditions. Our testers have been on several mountain peaks over 6000 meters with our clothes. We have performed long-term tests and we washed them countless times to make sure that they are as good as we want them.

In our basic models we have chosen details that can handle tough everyday use. We have several customers who climbed some serious mountains in the Nordwand Pants, and think they were outstanding.

The RevolutionRace brand started in 2013 and so far all our garments have sold out faster than we anticipated. We are growing fast and more and more people discover that our products truly deliver what we promise. We really listen to the feedback our customers give. We have made several colors, design changes and fabric improvements on our products after our customers valuable feedback.

Environment and Ethics

We follow legislation and regulations by the European Union and the Swedish government on the chemicals used in clothing fabrication, and are continuously working to improve even more on this front. We visit our factories in Vietnam on a regular basis to make sure working conditions and salaries follow the country’s laws and Code of Conduct. We produce in China and Vietnam.

A satisfied customer is our top priority, and we gladly listen to you! We are more than happy to receive feedback on our garments and customer service throgh our website, whether it’s positive or negative. Please contact and give us feedback, we are continuously working to become even better!

The founders of RevolutionRace and Fritidsfabriken, Pernilla and Niclas, at Höga Kusten Sweden.

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Only office, no store. We only sell online.

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